Getting Around – There are No Real Addresses

You are not going to find many businesses and hotels in Google Maps or Waze. I know a business owner in Manuel Antonio and it was a major achievement for them to get their business listed on Google Maps. Most of the time, the hotels or rentals will give you a GPS location to meet the host. They may suggest meeting at a restaurant or near a noticeable location. Do not think you will put a business name in your phone and drive straight to that location.

You will learn that locals will say, “oh, it’s by the soccer field” or “it’s by the entrance of the park”. This is just how it is in Costa Rica.

Waze is the suggested app to use. Google Maps works as well but Waze seems to be better. Apple Maps is pointless and most other GPS apps should be avoided. You may also want to wait to try a business name or specific location until you are on a “main road”. If you are on a side road you will find that Google Maps and Waze have no idea where you are. Wait until you get on a main road or highway and then put in the place you are looking to go.