Restaurants and Food in Manuel Antonio and Quepos

I was severely disappointed when I landed and Yelp did not exist in Costa Rica. I am the type of traveler that chooses destinations based on the Yelp ratings of the local restaurants. I am that guy that won’t dine at a restaurant unless it is Yelp 4 star and with over 100 reviews. It has never failed me. So, instead of being able to use Yelp or the Internet to find the good restaurants and places to eat, you are going to have to ask the locals. If the local has a different taste preference than you, too bad.

My host told me to try Agua Azul, Bar Jolly Rogers and Emilio’s Cafe. All were very good but the highlight was Agua Azul. I am upset I ate there the last night as I would have eaten there a number of times. Their coconut bread pudding is to die for. Go there just for that. Bar Jolly Rogers has some great wings but it is a lot. If you order wings and french fries I promise you the you won’t be able to finish half of either of them.